On The Easel

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When doing animals I always start with the eyes. It seems to give my sketch personality before I block in the body. The body is blocked in with the general undertones of color.









Here I've layered layered layered. I will fine tune it after the background is in. I chose to do the background last so I have a better sense of working the composition as to not take away from him.







I masked the lynx off and airbrushed the background.







I've added the general shape of the snow from the airbrushed background to the front. It's here that I will start to work out the fur of the lynx into the snow and the snow into the lynx.







Here I've fine tuned the lynx, added his ear tufts and more detail in the foreground. I work between the lynx and the snow. I added snowshoe hare tracks to draw your eye from the lynx out of the painting and to give it a story.








I am now adding the final touches, some dried frozen residual plant life, grasses and yellow yarrow.





I added another one in front of him foot as it was looking too clean there. From here I will leave it on my easel to stare at for a few days while I may add a few touch ups. I already know I want to add a splash of snow coming off his hind leg.





When this covid19 chaos has passed and allows us to carry on with our lives, I will update this page and my gallery with the final scanned image!! Keep in touch and stay safe!