On The Easel



To start off I airbrushed the background and roughed in the front trees



Working on the bark I start with the general shape and deep crevace characteristics of ancient hemlock bark


I rough in where the main branch will go and work on the detail of the bark


Not sure if you can tell here or not but I've added more layers onto the bark working dark to light adding the appearance of texture



Now working on the branch for it to take on it's shape. I've also roughed in some greenery which will eventually be behind the end so the branch looks full working from the back to the front


I use a white chalk pencil to finalize the shape of how I want my branch to reach out


I am starting to add some bark on the branch, some layers of color for what will be moss, and shaping the smaller branches


The moss, the needles of the hemlock tree, and I've added small lichens on the branches



I've roughed in the shape of my barred owl and drawn in the basic shapes that will determine the feather patterns


A close up of the eyes.

You can watch short video clips of me painting on



Whoo hoo...my favorite part...the main subject!! I want light on one side of the owl and shadow on the other, I will be using warm tones on half and cold tones on the other while keeping the colors in the owl uniform.




Not much to say here. It's layer layer layer. I'm working from the left to the centre and then from the right to the centre.





Although my owl is now finished I will be putting in final touches. Here I've added some ferns growing off the tree. I will probably add some random branches to liven up the top a bit.


Go to http://www.levitskyart.com/barredowl.html to see the finished painting